John Adedamola Alamu

Founder and Group Managing Director of Capital Sage Holdings

John Adedamola Alamu is a Founder and Group Managing Director of CapitalSage Holdings, the holdings company for Johnvents Group, CapitalSage Technology, Reguis and Best Western Group of Hospitals. He is an experienced statistician, versatile entrepreneur and leader in technology, finance, agribusiness and manufacturing. John holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in statistics from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and Olabisi Onabanjo University respectively. As the leader of an indigenous conglomerate invested in driving empowerment and inclusive solutions in critical sectors that will transform the African Continent, John is driven by the dream of an enabled Nigeria where individuals can attain a life of dignity. A vision that has propelled his diversification into diverse sectors and which he has successfully married together to drive inclusive value for all stakeholders. In addition, John has consistently leveraged his unique experience and insight to drive the company's vision from a small-time microfinance institution to a full-scale indigenous conglomerate. Before his role as Group Managing Director at CapitalSage Holdings, he had been involved in the execution of various projects in the agriculture value chain as a consultant. His consulting career began with a specialist role in Monitoring and Evaluation at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA). He has successfully worked as a Specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation at the International Fertilizer Development Centre IFDC) as a local consultant, monitoring and evaluation on Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

John has also been involved in notable research projects such as the Endline survey of IFDC-2SCALE cassava partnership project, Replication of nutrition-sensitive value-chain study for value-chain development project, Impact evaluation of WHO-WASH project, and Baseline survey of IFDC-SMS project. His work with these international organisations has been focused on helping to increase the accessibility of farmers to resources, greater output, market opportunities and off-takers. However, the reality of the day led to the need to drive opportunities for Nigerians and Africans. In his seat as Group Managing Director of CapitalSage Holdings, he provides strategic oversight for the entire business and steers the vision of becoming Africa's preferred group for inclusive development and prosperity.