ABOUT NIGERIA ENERGY FORUM Maximizing Energy Transition for Economic Growth

Across Africa, the key energy challenge is how to electrify millions of households, communities, and businesses as quickly as possible.

The 9th NEF2024 will be a hybrid event to be held on Tuesday 9th July at Mercellina Conference Centre, Along Radisson Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria (Onsite); and Thursday 21st November (Virtual) on Zoom with the theme ‘Energizing Sustainable' Industrialization


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A multi-faceted approach to achieving a sustainable, clean energy future.

The transition to a sustainable, green energy system requires building technical capacity, promoting energy innovation and investments, and maximizing economic benefits. This can be achieved through investing in renewable energy infrastructure and technology, innovative financing mechanisms, and public-private partnerships. The role of women as energy champions is also crucial in promoting equitable access to energy and supporting leadership and empowerment in the energy sector

Green cold chains and smart metering systems can help to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency, and overcoming technical and regulatory barriers will be key to their successful implementation. Capacity building is important for supporting the energy transition and integrating renewable energy into existing systems.

Over 300 attendees are expected to convene in person on 18th July at the Lagos event and virtually on the 23rd Nov. to focus on sustaining power sector growth; energizing green industrialization and upscaling clean energy investments. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR NEF 2023
Also, up to 4 hands-on training sessions will be held at each of the 2023 NEF conferences and workshops to foster investments, capacity building, and transfer of technical, research, and practical skills to local energy professionals from international trainers including GIZ-NESP, UNDP GEF-SGP.
An Energy Innovation and Poster Exhibition will be held on-site on 18th July in Lagos, to foster engagement with manufacturers and project developers, disseminate energy research outcomes and initiate business collaborations.

Why You Should Attend NEF2023 We are Accelerating Energy Innovation for Progress.

Accelerating energy innovation is essential for progress towards a sustainable, equitable, and efficient energy system. By working together, we can create a more innovative, sustainable, and prosperous energy future for all.

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