Mr. Biodun Ogunleye

Honorable Commissioner, Energy & Mineral Resources, Lagos State.

Biodun is currently the Honorable Commissioner, Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Before assuming office he was the Chief Executive Officer PowerCap Ltd, an energy sector focused consulting service provider serving private and public organizations to diagnose, design, develop, commercialize, and manage multi-stakeholder projects in various states in Nigeria.

He is also on the board of Emmanuella Consulting Services Ltd, a consulting and outsourcing firm providing development, execution and management services to private, national and subnational MDAs in Utilities Management, Procurement, Project Management, Business Process Outsourcing and General Advisory.

He has over 20 years management experience in the multi-varied areas of Energy and Utilities, Project/Corporate Finance, Public Private Partnerships, Information Management, Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering, Startups, Contract/Project Management, Change Management, Investment Management, Business Process Outsourcing and Strategic Management in various challenging environments, in addition to 11 years' experience in the financial and consulting services industry.

Biodun has contributed to several boards the forementioned attributes. He possesses a wealth

of expertise with the electricity value chain and has contributed to the growth of the energy sector in the country. Likewise, he will be able to support any team, with expertise gained working in organizations with enviable risk management and corporate governance values.